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Who am I?

Well, If you asked me that question I would probably fumble over unintelligible syllables seeking an answer that could show my worth to you. Unfortunately, I would come up short.

The truth is I am a human just like you. I was born, I’ll live and will probably (science/spirituality pending) die.

Am I special? Only in the way you and I have different fingerprints, but I like to think I am.

The reality is, though, my legacy will remain in only the few I have touched or at least not messed up my relationships with.

And though all of that is true, I will not allow it to impede my dreams.

Dreams of inspiring others through my story and showing them the potential of theirs.

We all have a story, we all have Life to give, but like Superman parading ashamedly around as Clark Kent. We hide behind the mask of doubt and normalcy.

My way of staying sane. Of paying it forward. Is to help you find the life hidden in yourself. To reveal that within the burden and pressure this life squeezes upon your soul, there is a diamond to be found.

Join me in inspiring the world to believe as they once did. To believe like a child again in the impossible,  the unimaginable and the unattainable.

Join me as we seek to be loved, to fail, to journey, to succeed and to have True Life.

My name is Hunter Floyd and I am an enemy of apathy.


All drama aside…

Hunter Floyd is eccentric, adventurous and believes he is likable. His life, the long and short of it has been messy, confusing, but quite a fun journey.

Born and Raised in Houston, TX. Hunter left his homeland to attend Liberty University where he attained a B.S. in Religion and Philosophy. While at college, Hunter met his best friend and resident verbal sparring partner, his beloved wife, Carissa.

After college, Hunter responded to the call of planting a church in Las Vegas, Grace City Church. After serving there for 2+ years, the Floyd family picked up and moved to Chicago. He currently serves at Harvest Lake Zurich as a Youth Pastor and works for the non-profit Youth For Christ.

Hunter spends a lot of time seeking relationships with others and sharing the messages that lay burden to his heart.

His ultimate desire is to share truth, love and hope to all willing to listen.